Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mobidart: Sunday Funday

Its Sunday Fun Day at Mobidart

 Even though it's my day off I still can't have look forward to going to work for my company Mobidart. I was getting a laugh at some of these old commercials that have just recently resurfaced on Mobidarts DailyMotion and Vimeo. While we do like to have some form around the office from time to time, from Monday to Friday I'm in Thousand Oaks and it's strictly business. We have been so swamped with work since the release of our ad free mobile traffic network, I barely have time to take an extra five minutes at lunch. That's okay with me because the people that I work with are great and even know we're very serious about work whereat the authors there is never any kind of usual office drama, everyone gets along. Which is a pretty rare thing these days.

I know I really hated my last job, I was going to go post a bad review about it or something but I just thought that how in the future employers might use that against me., besides how can you really be mad at the company that makes silly videos like there?

Mobidart Commercial by mobidart

I don't know about you but there's something about Australian accents that always cracked me up, the guy really doesn't even have to be juggling knives. I have always been a fan of passive marketing and advertising. That is where you are being tricked into watching a commercial because either it is so amusing or you think you are getting some kind of great information and you could get elsewhere. I am far from the master of the cold call But I do have respect for people who can do it because I'm just not good at rejection like.

These are more of the advertisements that get my attention without actually getting it (good branding).

It's not quite as funny as the first one, but it short and to the point without taking an overly serious tone and that helps a lot with your branding. What am I even doing sitting in front of my computer anyways? It's Sunday and it's my day off, I guess I'm just that much of a marketing nerd that I can't stop thinking about work even one of my work. However, do you know if that makes me?

A good employee and maybe your boss someday, maybe someday I'll be your boss!

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